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My name is Liesel de Villiers and I have been a registered educational psychologist since 2003.  I worked at Theresapark Primary School, Estralita School, Kragbron Primary School, WH de Klerk School and Montana High School. I have been in private practice full time since 2007.  Currently my practice is in Montana, Pretoria.


My HPCSA registration number is PS 0081701 and my practice number is 0122610.


I provide psychological assessments and services to children and adolescents.  I am Afrikaans speaking (home language), but use Afrikaans and English in my day to day work situation.


I specialize in, among other things, school readiness assessments, subject and career choice evaluations, psycho-educational assessments and study guidance.


Working with children and young people has always been my passion. I find my inspiration in the words of Isaiah 35: 3 - 4 which says: “Encourage those whose hands are weak, help those whose knees are bent, say to those who have lost heart:“ Be strong, do not do not be afraid, your God is here ”

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