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Study Guidance

From as early as primary school, learners should realize that studying is important.  Learners need to listen to teachers and parents, remember and understand facts and information and pass tests.  As we grow older, the amount of information we have to learn grows, too.


Most people do not automatically know how to study effectively.  Often, learners and students who are not achieving success have simply not developed the study skills that work for them.  Good study skills make it easier to learn.


Some aspects of importance to study effectively:

  • Preparing and setting goals

  • Learning styles

  • Active learning vs passive learning

  • Keeping physically well

  • Study space

  • Do not waste time – creating and maintaining schedules

  • Making summaries

  • Memory techniques

  • Exam time – preparing for and writing papers


During this study course all aspect of studying effectively will be dealt with, the goal being for the learner to achieve success and achieving his/her study goals

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